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What are some reasons to choose a used Ford for sale in Frankfort, KY? The tremendous value is certainly reason number one---nowhere else can you receive such a reliable car at such reasonable prices. Another reason is the vast selection at your fingertips. We have Ford trucks, sedans, SUVs, compact cars, and more. We even stock cars made by companies other than Ford; as long as a car presents a high amount of value to our customers, we're happy to put it on the used car lot. Keep your eye on our Featured Used Vehicles listings---they are some of the hot new additions to our inventory, and they sell quickly!

Used Trucks for Sale

From late-model Ford F-150s to older Super Duty trucks, you can find some of everything on our used truck lot. If you're a contractor shopping for a replacement truck for your business, feel free to stop in---we may have something already fitted for plowing gear or with a flat body. If you just need a reliable and able-bodies pickup truck for irregular use, we have options for you too! Regardless of why you need a used Ford truck, stop by for a test drive at your earliest convenience.

Used SUV for Sale in Lexington, KY

No family of SUVs is more popular than the Ford Explorer, Expedition, and Escape; now you can secure a reliable used Ford SUV right here in the Lexington area. Grab an athletic Explorer, a sleek Ford Edge, the fashion-forward Flex, or a compact EcoSport for unbeatable prices, all from us at Dutch's Chevrolet. Don't look anywhere else for used cars for sale in Frankfort, KY!

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