Car Dealerships in My Sterling, KY


Searching far and wide for your next new or used car for sale in Mount Sterling, KY, but are not sure where to start your search? Wanting to find a Ford dealership near you with everything from Ford trucks for sale in KY, to Ford SUVs and everything in between? If so then you need to head to the Ford dealership near you and see the many new and used cars trucks and SUVs for sale. At Dutch's Ford, you can find everything from used cars for sale like the Ford Focus, to new trucks for sale including the Ford F-150 for sale and everything in between. Here this Car dealership in Mt Sterling, KY we understand that the process of finding a new or used car for sale can seem never-ending. Which is why we have a team of friendly and knowledgeable people who are happy to answer any questions you may have about one of the many vehicles for sale.  

That includes questions about the many Ford trucks for sale here at this Ford dealer in KY. This Ford truck for sale comes with many features both inside and out that you will not want to miss. The Ford f150 offers a powerful four-wheel drive that will allow for comfortable driving even on the toughest of terrain. Plus with an advanced suspension system, you will have a smooth, comfortable ride even on the muddy back roads. Getting into and out of your truck will be easier than ever before with built-in bed steps. A reinforced truck bed allows you to toss even your heaviest of items into the back of your truck bed without fear of denting it. Make your drivers seat your new favorite place to be with adjustable power seats and lower lumbar support. Never be frustrated when someone else drives your truck ever again, with memory seats. With the push of a button your seat, steering wheel and mirrors are all back to where you like them. 

The F150 for sale also comes with a premium sound system and an Mp3 compatible radio that is ideal for listening to all of your favorite music. Plus with a built-in USB port, you can now charge your phone and play your music all at once. Keep the peace when it comes to the temperature of this car for sale with multi-zone climate controls. Now you and your passenger can be at the ideal temperature no matter how hot or cold that may be. This Ford truck for sale also comes with a built-in backup camera with color-coded grid lines to help you into and out of even the smallest of spots. Plus with the backup camera hitching your trailer up alone will be a breeze. However, the most impressive feature of this car for sale is the powerful 3.3l engine, a 6-speed automatic w/od transmission. With an outstanding towing capacity you will not have to think twice about hitching your trailer up to the back of this truck for sale. When you are looking for car dealerships in Mount Sterling, KY head to Dutch's Ford at  745 Indian Mound Dr. Mt Sterling KY, 40353.