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If you're looking for a new car, there has never been a better time to find exactly what you need. Our cars for sale in Mt. Sterling, KY include all of the latest Ford models, from electric sedans to Super Duty Ford pickup trucks; no matter what car you need, we have the perfect fit for you. Behind our stunning collection of new Ford vehicles is our staff of highly trained, knowledgeable team members---if you have any questions about our cars, or if you need service, maintenance, or parts, don't hesitate to ask us questions. We love to help our customers.

Peruse our collection of new cars for the latest in luxury, performance, and style, and let us know when you're ready to go on a test drive!

Ford Trucks for Sale: See the Whole Collection

Ford's family of trucks has been a best seller for years, and believe it or not, they just keep getting better. The Ford F-150 is continually reaching new heights in power and performance, and whether you're an individual looking for a new truck or a business owner trying to build a fleet of trucks for your employees, you'll find the perfect truck for your needs.

Get a Super Duty truck, with a military grade alloy that allows us to redistribute weight to areas that matter, like axles, the chassis, and more. If you like best-in-class payload and towing, then you'll want to take a Super Duty Ford out for a test drive.

Our commercial trucks also come in every variation imaginable; from dump body trucks with a crew cab to classic plowing trucks and flatbeds. You can also get an enclosed van and all manner of utility trucks, so if you have something in mind, please let us know. As always, our Ford 4x4 trucks allow you to accomplish necessary tasks in bad weather and muddy conditions; mud, snow, ice, and rain can't stop a Ford.

Cars for Sale in Mt. Sterling, KY

Whether you're searching at Lexington, Mt. Sterling, or Winchester car dealerships, you'll be stunned by the forward-thinking nature of Ford's vehicle inventory. You can get a Fusion or C-Max in both electric and hybrid configurations, and the Ford EcoSport is available as a hybrid as well. The Ford Focus is just a fashionable as ever, only now you can get it in an ultra economical body or in the high-tech and popular performance model. The Ford Fiesta is another popular choice for its vibrant color palette, stylish body, and compact size; whether you need it for a daily commute or for occasional use in the city, the Fiesta is a fun car than anyone will love.

The Ford Mustang, still going strong after all these years, is a study in style and performance. You'll love the roar of the engine as you depress the gas pedal, and the heads that turn along your commute will remind you of the visual power that accompanies a cultural icon like the Mustang. For a more refined and equally enjoyable driving experience, check out the all-new Ford Taurus. It's spacious, athletic, and includes all of Ford's latest technology, from Wifi and remote start to lane departure alerts and more.

See Ford's Family of SUVs at our Car Dealership in Nicholasville, KY

Have you been looking for a spacious car for the family that you'll still love to drive? Look no further than the Ford SUV family; the EcoSport, Escape, Edge, Flex, Explorer, and Expedition are all just as popular as ever, and if you have any doubts as to why, just ask us for a test drive. We think you'll be convinced.

The EcoSport is a fun, compact small SUV that comfortably seats five and provides a higher stance than a sedan or crossover. The Escape, a slightly larger vehicle, is the better-equipped option if you're looking take your car on weekend getaways or other camping-type trips. The Edge is a sophisticated, sleek vehicle that is only growing in popularity; the beautiful lines are complemented by an athletic stance, but its performance capabilities are certainly reminiscent of Ford's overall commitment to the driving experience. The Ford Flex tests the boundaries of conventional design, and if you're looking for an outlet for your personality, the Flex will give you just that.

For a step up in size and performance, check out the all-new Ford Explorer. There's a reason that is has been so popular for so long, and somehow the vehicle just keeps getting better. It looks as good as always, but when you mix in gas-efficient options and modern entertainment features for the kids, it works equally well as an off road adventure waiting to happen and a comfortable family car ready for the next road trip. The Expedition, a mammoth of an SUV, is everything you were looking for in a full-sized, powerful car. Its imposing stance is impressive in of itself, and with so much interior space, there is room for your family, friends, and everyone's gear.

Get Financing from our Ford Dealership in Lexington, KY

The first step to getting a new car is to secure a loan. Our Get Pre Approved online tool makes it easier than ever to get the financing you need; all you have to do is enter your social security number, financial info, and contact information, and we'll send you the financing you qualify for. You can do so from the comfort of your own home, and you don't even have to speak with a person to get funding.

Depending on the results of your application, you may qualify for special lease incentives, low interest loans, or cash back offers. Keep an eye on our new car specials to learn more.

If you have any questions about our Ford vehicle inventory in Lexington, KY, please get in touch. We'd love to help you find the perfect car, and our specialists would love to make that happen. We can sign you up for a test drive or take you on a tour---just give us a call.

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