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Get ready for this new season with your next new car! Stop settling for the vehicle you have now. If you have been in your car and felt nervous about it running well or keeping you safe, that's not the way you have to drive. Even if you don't think you can get to your destination without draining fluids, that doesn't have to be a burden to you anymore. You deserve to feel comfortable and confident that your car can take care of you with this new season. We know how that feels here at Dutch's Ford in Mount Sterling, KY, and we know how to get rid of that feeling. You need to have something you can jump in, start-up, and rely upon. Whether you have a new job, started new classes at school, or you are looking forward to the Thanksgiving break, you should be able to rely on your vehicle. We have found a way to give you that feeling.

There are high-quality used cars near Morehead, KY, that will impress you! On top of their quality, you will be as impressed by our selection of used Fords for sale. We make sure each vehicle has the Auto Check backgrounds. That way you know you're car title is clean and reliable for you and your needs. We want to introduce you to one of the Morehead used cars we have on the lot right now; a 2013 Ford Taurus LES.

Used Cars Near Morehead, Kentucky

As the Ford dealers in Kentucky near you, we want to tell you a little bit about this vehicle. The Ford Taurus LES has modern features like Bluetooth phone connectivity. As well as anti-theft systems and alarms. You have nothing to worry about with slick roads with four-wheel ABS brakes and curtain airbags in the front and back row. This car gives you the most stylish seating with premium fabric upholstery. These days we used our vehicles every day, and that can take a toll on every mechanical part of our cars that we can't even see. That's why we have our parts and service departments. To be able to help you after you've left our lot is very important to us. Our parts staff can order any new pieces you need, and the service department can put it back together for you!

We would love for you to start your search of cars for sale near Morehead, KY, here with us. We want to show you how confident we are that you shouldn't feel nervous about every trip you take in your car. Feel free to ask any questions about our used cars for sale near Morehead, KY. Our staff is willing to step with you from the moment you walk in the front doors, to picking out your car, and finally heading home with the new vehicle! We love being able to watch you fall in love with a fantastic vehicle for you and being able to figure out how to go home with it.