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If you're in need of a trustworthy Ford dealership in Kentucky, Dutch's Ford is the perfect destination. We stock our dealership with the Ford diesel trucks for sale that you've been looking for. When you're looking for a powerful Ford F250 or any other used Ford work truck, Dutch's is here to help you. Our experienced and informative sales staff will be able to guide you through selecting the right used Ford work truck. Perhaps you are seeking a bare-bones, no-frills, stripped-down basic work truck. We can help you find the perfect model to suit your needs. 

Maybe you're interested in a diesel truck for sale in Lexington, KY. Dutch's Ford is proud to offer a wide variety of sturdy diesel trucks for sale near you. Have you been dreaming of finding a solid family truck with a deluxe cab and luxurious interior? Dutch's Ford carries many high trim level models, loaded with the features you're looking for. In addition to our fine selection of Ford trucks, we also stock our dealership with pre-owned cars and trucks of all makes. No matter what you are looking for in your next vehicle, Dutch's Ford will be happy to help you. We are the premier commercial truck dealer near you.


Diesel Trucks For Sale in Lexington Kentucky

When your vocation requires a heavy-duty truck, nothing handles tough jobs like Ford. These capable pickups are able to take you through your day, from work to personal duties. Ford manufactures trucks that are strong enough for your work, yet comfortable enough for your family. Why not invest in a used Ford work truck? Buying your next work truck pre-owned is a wise decision for many drivers. You will save significant money on the initial purchase price alone. 

While driving a brand new truck is a lovely thing, the reality is that once you leave the dealership, your truck is no longer brand new. In fact, that new truck will depreciate at the fastest rate during the first few years of its life. When you buy pre-owned, you skip the unpleasant instant depreciation of a brand new vehicle. Your investment will hold on to its value at a much more favorable rate. If you eventually elect to resell your used truck, you can expect to get back a higher percentage of your investment. 

You will also be happy to learn that it is typically less expensive to insure a pre-owned vehicle. Perhaps your budget would allow you to purchase a base model new truck. With all of the money that you save buying pre-owned, you may be able to afford a higher trim level of truck. The features and technology that were out of budget on a new truck become affordable when you buy pre-owned. You will be pleased to get more value for your money. 

If you are shopping for a work truck, sometimes buying a new vehicle can be stressful. If your brand new truck gets scratched or dented during your workday, you might feel frustrated. When you buy your work truck pre-owned, the typical wear and tear that occurs during work may not bother you as much. 

Commercial truck dealer near me

Have you been considering buying a diesel truck for sale in Lexington, KY? Many local drivers have been making the switch from gasoline-powered vehicles. Owning a diesel-powered truck offers a variety of benefits. You can expect to save money on fuel costs. Although diesel is often more expensive than gasoline, the fuel efficiency of diesel is superior. This means fewer trips to the pump and overall lower fuel costs. Diesel trucks are a wonderful option for work vehicles. 

Diesel produces more low-end torque than gasoline, making it the ideal fuel for towing heavy objects. If your vocation includes frequent towing, you will appreciate the sheer power provided by diesel fuel. Diesel engines are also lower maintenance than gasoline engines. Due to the nature of the diesel combustion process, these engines are built sturdy to withstand pressure. There are fewer parts to repair or replace inside of a diesel engine. Of course, your diesel engine will still require regular maintenance to operate in optimal condition. 

When you properly maintain your diesel engine, it has the potential to last far longer than a gasoline engine. If increased torque, lower fuel costs, and longer engine life sound appealing to you, you'll want to visit Dutch's Ford. We have a broad assortment of diesel trucks for sale in Lexington, KY. Once you've found the right truck for your lifestyle, you will want to consider your financing options. Dutch's Ford has an expert financial center. 

We are ready to answer all of your questions about financing your next Ford truck. You can apply for financing directly from our website. Once our financial center has reviewed your application, a representative will be in touch shortly. Are you concerned about your low credit score? Dutch's Ford has plenty of experience securing financing for our customers. We even have a bankruptcy car loan program for our customers dealing with bankruptcy. If you have any questions, please feel welcome to call our financial center.

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